My Happy Place


IMG_4188Wow!  The month of April flew by!  Life has been crazy here at the Bierman house.  I decided to resign from my job just in time to go with our youngest on a field trip to Disney with the middle school choir and band, got to go on an awesome women’s retreat with our church the very next weekend and began alterations on several costumes for the middle school musical right when I got back.  I have to tell you, my sewing machine was broken and the costumes were due for dress rehearsal 3 days after I got back from the retreat.  Thank goodness for good friends that sew and are willing to become part of your craziness for a while to help you get things done!  Throw in catching up on the laundry and cleaning the house because your mother is coming to see her grandchild and you can’t have a messy house!  The choir also had a citywide concert they sang in just 4 days after returning from Disney, so it has been crazy in the choir room at school, too.  Choir directors, as well as many students and parents all working to put together an amazing performance.  After school rehearsals every day, cooking dinner, helping with homework…the list has been endless.  Throw in some missing costumes, last-minute running to the fabric store for buttons and such and you don’t know whether you’re coming or going by the end of the day.   I have gone to bed exhausted pretty much every night these last few weeks,  but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.  I have found my happy place again.

Moming can be stressful, but it isn’t the kind of stress that leaves a bad taste in my mouth or an ache in my heart.  I don’t dread Monday mornings anymore.  This is what I have been missing the last 8 years while working outside of the home.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  If working outside of the home is what is best for you and works for your family, then you do you.  As for me, I love doing dishes.  I love getting the house back together (cause it has been a hot mess for a while now!).  I love being able to pick Michael up from school.  I love being able to volunteer again.  I love being able to cook breakfast and dinner for my family and eat at a decent time in the evening again.  I love it!  I let Michael sleep in this morning and checked him in.  He was SO tired after all that he has been involved in at school.  He has great grades and we don’t do that kind of thing all of the time.  Actually, we never do that, but I LOVE having the option now.

I have missed all of this so very much.  I decided since it is close to Mother’s Day, I would write about being a mom and these are the things that make me feel like a good mom.  I decided to go through pictures and I had this beautiful scene in my head of having pictures of me and our children at various times throughout their childhood…and you know what?  There aren’t any.  Ha!  No, seriously.  Well, maybe 1 or 2, but that’s it!  You see, I am also the photographer of the family, so I found lots of pictures of the kids separately, the kids together, the kids with my husband, the kids with their friends, the kids at soccer tournaments, birthday parties, Halloween, playing in the rain, with their cousins, with their grandparents, prom, Girl Scouts…and that’s alright by me.  I just pray that in the end, they remember me behind that camera lens and know that their mom was there.  She was  there to make the wheat, dairy, egg, nut free birthday cake.  She was there to stay up late and help them write the paper.  She was there to make the Halloween costume.  She was there to take them to the midnight premier of Twilight.  She was there to take them prom dress shopping.  She was there to cook them dinner.  She was there to give them a hug and ask them how their day was.  So, whether you are a stay at home mom, or a work outside the home mom, or a work part-time mom,  whatever kind of mom you are, I hope you have found your happy place that helps you be the best mom you can be.   As for me, I love to do All The Things from home and I hope and pray that my children will look back on All The Things we did together and it makes them smile.  Happy Mother’s Day!



Oh!  I did find a picture of me and my sister when we were new moms and a few of my mom and Steve’s mom and my grandmother.



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